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YEM provides strategic and specific consultancy in the field of development and sale for foreign markets (commercial efficiency).


  • assessment and analysis of possibilities of opening new businesses or extending consolidated businesses

  • development of new commercial contacts in relevant areas signalled by the client, or proposed directly by YEM

  • organisation and management of missions

  • development of business relationships and maintenance of relations between new clients and company

  • support in overcoming any critical phases

  • consolidate efforts via marketing and communication initiatives and strategies

  • maintenance of relationships with the use of CRM


How we Operate


  • We search, contact, interview and follow up potential customers from the first stage of the sales cycle till we procure samples orders and formal orders;

  • We target companies via our constantly growing CRM - rich of Prospects, Contacts and Leads - referred to Automatic Access, Security and Traffic Management.

  • Monthly Newsletters to generate direct requests from potential customers;

  • Operative Areas: Asia Pacific (Pacific + Southeast Asia + East Asia, including China);

  • Skype meetings with Manufacturers for reporting updates and also commercial training for the YEM Staff;

  • Monthly Fee to cover operative costs + Commission on all sales in Asia Pacific countries; products are invoiced and shipped to the customer directly (we do not buy and resell).

  • Business trips to customers and visit to exhibitions are included in the monthly fee (2 weekly missions per month per Regional Sales Director)